How to Remove the Twitter ‘Election’ info

While I love using Twitter, the US elections don’t interest me all that much because I live in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). The joy of Firefox and Greasemonkey is that you can customise your own browsing experience by writing little script made especially for certain sites.

So I have made a Greasemonkey script to remove the election banner from view on Twitter. If you:

a) Use Firefox

b) Use Greasmonkey, or know what it is

You can try and install this script, and the election banner should be gone.


I am such a typical geek in some ways. My wife asked at the breakfast table: “What election thing on Twitter? Oh that one. Why don’t you just click on the little X to make it go away? Why bother with this complicated thing you’re talking about?”

She has a point. 😀 But at least very very briefly, I felt like I was actually make my own minuscule little corner of the world more to my own liking.

There is a comedy sketch waiting to be made from this interaction though.

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One Comment on “How to Remove the Twitter ‘Election’ info”

  1. eliseme Says:

    Ah, however, the twitter banner does come back again and you have to click it away again every day. Not that I notice it. 🙂
    – the wife. ‘a little planning goes a long way’

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